Designer paper share 2019/2020

**available in option two only

This year I will be offering my paper shares in 6″x12″ pieces to give you more versatilty when you come to use them.

All shares will come to you packaged in a gift box, great for storage!

Share option one

£25 collected, £29 posted

You will receive 6 pieces of 6″x12″ from each DSP pack (equivalent to 12 @ 6″x6″per pack) giving a total of 54 pieces of 6″x12″ (equivalent to 108 6×6″ pieces)

  • Woven Threads
  • Magnolia Lane
  • Garden Lane
  • Follow Your Art
  • Bird Ballad
  • Dinoroar
  • Perennial Essence
  • See a Silhouette
  • Come Sail Away

Share option two

£32.50 collected, £36.50 posted

You will receive 75 pieces of 6″x12″ (equivalent to 150 pieces of 6″x6″)

  • Share One PLUS
  • Mosaic Mood speciality DSP – 6 pieces of 6″x12″
  • Pressed Petals speciality DSP – 6 pieces of 6″x12″
  • Perennial Essence vellum cardstock – 3 pieces of 6″x12″
  • Noble Peacock speciality DSP – 3 pieces of 6″x12″
  • PLUS FREE GIFT – Noble Peacock foil – 3 pieces of 6″x12″

Please fill in the form below and I will send you a paypal invoice for your order.