My Favorite Colour

So, I came across this short but very sweet quote the other day, and decided it matched perfectly with a wreath that I had been stamping.

Autumn is my favourite colour

What an amazing way to describe Autumn. It captures the beauty of the season in one very small sentence. I was driving for three and a half hours to Telford a few days ago in pouring rain, but the one thing that stood out and made me smile amongst the grey day……the gorgeous colours of the trees along the A14.

Whilst these colours aren’t the ones you will see on Autumnal trees, it still had a hint of Autumn about it for me. I had seen similar colours used recently and I wanted to do some good old fashioned simple stamping. Just stamps, ink and paper! Pretty Peacock, Terracotta Tile and Mint Macaron were my chosen colours for today. I pulled out floral essence, a very unloved set in my craft room. (I am so embarrassed to say that).

Why had I purchased this set? Oh yes, it was demonstrated at Stampin’ Up! On Stage and it had a matching punch. I just had to have it, I’m sure you know that feeling! Yet still, I couldn’t warm to it.

I wiped the thin layer of dust from the top of the case – ha ha being a bit over dramatic here! Reaching for the untouched stamps, I started stamping on my pencil drawn circle and it was like magic. I was a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator actually enjoying stamping again….it had been a while since I had smiled at such a simple process. Stamping full strength, then again without re-inking. Enjoying the varying depth of colour that I could produce from just one ink pad.

Since Covid-19 forced us all into lockdown I have found it so difficult to feel the creativity and passion that led me to Stampin’ Up! many years ago. Going back to basics is helping.

This one was just for me and is far from perfect, but I hope this process will guide me back on to the road of loving what I do. I really miss that! Which is why I felt the need to share what this little project means to me.

Is there something that you have let slide recently, maybe because you feel overwhelmed by everything 2020 has thrown at us. Apparently, this is a normal response; or so I read. I haven’t set goals this year, have ignored so many things that I had planned to do. I have let relationships that matter to me slip and kept myself to myself. I really don’t know why, this isn’t ‘me’.

It feels as if I have let two seasons pass me by in a blink of the eye. Yet the true splendour of Autumn has stopped me in my tracks….if nature can make letting go look so beautiful then surely we can too. I can too!

I am going to enjoy the process of finding me, once again. Letting go of everything that has been holding me back, trying to make sense of my lockdown blues 🙂

Saturday was World Card Making Day, but as I was travelling I didn’t get to take part. This week is also Send a Card Week. I am declaring tomorrow WCMD – Wednesday card making day. Then as part of my beating the blues I will send out cards to random places, to say thank you for all that they do or just to say hello!

Thank you for listening to my ramblings today. If you can relate to how I have been feeling or would just like to say hello, be sure to leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you.

Happy Stampin’

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